EMRED AcuStim is a medical device with transcutaneous nerve stimulation function, which can be applied to nerve points, muscle trigger points, acupuncture points or along a painful muscle.

EMRED AcuStim differs from traditional TNS devices in that instead of the customary square wave, EMRED AcuStim has bipolar shifted zero line, interrupted sine type needle shaped wave delivered in bursts of 1.2 seconds on, 1.5 seconds off.

This wave shape and timing is the closest to natural nerve impulses that can currently be produced. The shifted zero line prevents any chemical burning that can sometimes occur with traditional TNS machines.

EMRED AcuStim2 with electrodes and connecting cord

EMRED AcuStim is designed to be used together with laser or LED therapy systems for improving therapy results.

Different types of electrodes can be used with EMRED AcuStim system.

Square Electrodes 2" & 3" Round Electrodes 1.5" Square Rubber Electrode