ELAPS electro-light therapy system

ELAPS is an abbreviation for "electro-light acupuncture system".

ELAPS is a unique therapy system, combining several units in one: low-level (soft) laser system with CW and pulsed lasers, LED cluster system with different color clusters, and electro-acupuncture systems for finding and treatment of acupuncture points. ELAPS is designed as a system with a main unit and additional interchangeable modules (probes).

ELAPS is designed to be used by medical doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, acupuncture therapists and other professionals to treat patients by activation of acupuncture points, muscle trigger points, skin areas with laser light and electric current. The combined action of light and electricity is significantly more efficient, than laser light or electric current separately. ELAPS therapy system can be equipped with several laser and LED probes (infrared, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and ultraviolet). To achieve the best therapy results several types of laser and LED probes are available, such as cluster probes, which incorporate several pieces of lasers or LEDs, as well as single laser or LED probes. The cluster probes can irradiate relatively big areas of skin, while the single light source probes can irradiate small areas of skin or mucous membranes. Different light-guides can deliver laser or LED light from the single light source probes to the various areas of the body.

The minimal configuration of ELAPS includes one main unit, one electro-light probe (a laser or LED based module), body acupuncture and ear acupuncture light-guides, one hand electrode with a connection cord, one AC/DC adapter with power supply cord, as well as a manual and an instruction. It is always possible to equip the system with additional probes and light-guides according to the need.

Two models of the main unit are available at the moment: ELAPS-03 and ELAPS-04 main unit.

ELAPS-03 main unit ELAPS-04 main unit

ELAPS-03 main unit

ELAPS-04 main unit

ELAPS-03 main unit is a basic model for the treatment of patients. It allows to find acupuncture points, evaluate their condition, treat them by the influence of low level red light (5 mW 633, 635 or 650 nm laser or 625 nm LED light, depending of the order) and/or electricity. Additional laser and LED modules allow irradiating skin areas and mucous membranes with low level laser and/or LED light of different wavelengths in visible, near infrared and near ultraviolet regions of spectra.

ELAPS-04 main unit is giving better treatment options. In addition to all the above mention features of ELAPS-03, ELAPS-04 main unit supports timer and frequency control for all laser and LED modules. Timer control with automatic switch off for laser and light probes makes the treatment more precise, while frequency control enhances treatment possibilities of the system. ELAPS-04 main unit has a special sensor to detect invisible infrared light from laser and LEDs.

ELAPS system was developed by Prof. Anu Makela MD, PhD. and Levon Gasparyan MD, PhD.

633 nm 5 mW electro-laser probe Body acupuncture light-guide Ear acupuncture light-guide Hand electrode with a connection cord
633 nm 5 mW electro-laser probe
Body acupuncture light-guide
Ear acupuncture light-guide
Hand electrode with a connection cord