Electro-Laser and Electro-LED Probes for ELAPS

The most important probes of ELAPS therapy system are the electro-laser and electro-LED probes. They make the ELAPS therapy system different from other laser and LED therapy systems. They turn it into electro-laser or electro-LED acupuncture therapy system. They are constructed so, that not only light, but also electric impulses can influence skin, tissues, acupuncture and trigger points.

An electro-laser or electro-LED probe of one of the following wavelengths 633, 635 or 650 nm for laser and 625 nm LED (according to choice) is included in the minimal configuration of ELAPS therapy system.

Several additional versions of electro-laser and electro-LED probes are available. Lasers and LEDs of the following wavelengths 980 nm infrared, 590 nm yellow, 525 nm green, 470 nm blue and 455 nm dark blue are the most commonly used wavelengths for ELAPS system.

Red laser or LED light can be used for the treatment of various pathologies. Infrared light can better penetrate tissues, so it can reach deep muscle points better, than red light. Blue light has distinct pain-killing and anti-inflammatory properties, while green light has advantages in the therapy of some disorders of the endocrine system.

Electro-laser and electro-LED probes

Electro-laser and electro-LED probes are designed to deliver light on acupuncture points or trigger points together with electric impulses. The sensor switch on the probe allows choosing between point diagnostic (point finding) and treating mode, to apply electricity of positive or negative polarity as well as to start and stop irradiation of the point. All this can be done not only without loosing contact with the skin, but even without changing the pressure to the skin point or angle between skin and the probe. This makes treatment easier and results better.

Electro-laser probe with sensor switch Way of holding the electro-laser probe

Two types of light-guides are supplied together with electro-laser or electro-LED probes in the set of ELAPS therapy system. The body acupuncture light-guide is designed for high light conduction. Ear acupuncture points are located very superficially and they are more sensitive than body points. This is why the ear acupuncture light-guide is designed to have 50% of light output in comparison with body acupuncture light-guides.

Electro-laser and electro-LED probes have an ergonomic design and are light to hold.