EMRED Light-04 - Laser and LED therapy system

EMRED Light-04 is a multifunctional system for Low Level Laser Therapy and LED Therapy. EMRED Light main unit allows operation of several types of low-level (soft) laser probes as well as LED probes of different color light and brightness output.

EMRED Light-04 Laser and LED therapy system

ELAPS is designed to be used by medical doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, acupuncture therapists and other professionals to treat patients by light influence on acupuncture points, muscle trigger points, skin areas, mucous membranes and blood with light of laser and LEDs. EMRED Light therapy system can be equipped with several laser and LED probes (infrared, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and ultraviolet). To achieve the best therapy results several types of laser and LED probes are available, such as cluster probes, which incorporate several pieces of lasers or LEDs, as well as single laser or LED probes. The cluster probes can irradiate relatively big areas of skin, while the single light source probes can irradiate small areas of skin or mucous membranes. Different light-guides can deliver laser or LED light from the single light source probes to the various areas of the body.

EMRED Light main unit supports timer and frequency control for all laser and LED modules. Timer control with automatic switch off for laser and light probes makes the treatment more precise, while frequency control enhances treatment possibilities of the system. EMRED Light main unit has a sensor to detect invisible infrared light from laser and LEDs. It also equipped with safety keys. EMRED Light main unit can operate two different or identical laser or LED probes at the same time.