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EMRED Oy is a partner of European Medical Laser Association (EMLA) and company organizer of 13th International Congress of EMLA Laser Helsinki 2010 (23rd -24th August 2010)

EMRED Oy is a phototherapy (low level laser therapy, LED therapy) and electrotherapy equipment manufacturer. EMRED Oy is taking part in the research of the light therapy mechanisms.

Light Therapy Systems

Multipurpose laser and LED based ELAPS and EMRED Light therapy systems for professional use and MiraBlue home use phototherapy systems, as well as EMRED AcuStim transcutaneous electrostimulation system are under development. Different types of laser and LED probes together with number of light-guides facilitate the treatment of various pathological conditions.

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Laser & LED probes


Laser and Light Therapy

It was found, that laser light of low brightness can promote the recovery of damaged cells and tissues, thus improve the therapy results. Currently Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) and other methods of light therapy, including LED therapy and laser acupuncture, are used for the treatment of inflammations, wounds, to improve blood, nutrients and oxygen supply to different organs, to rejuvenate the skin. LLLT and LED therapy can be applied together with conventional therapy methods for the treatment of patients of any age.

Photodynamic therapy

Currently patients from Finland can receive the high-level medical care for the treatment of specific types of cancer using method of photodynamic therapy in the Medical Radiological Research Center of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences in Obninsk, near Moscow .

Photodynamic therapy is performed by Prof. Michael A. Kaplan MD., PhD., D.Sci, the Head of Department for Laser and Photodynamic Therapy.

Prof. Kaplan has worked with lasers and laser research since 1985. He has researched and developed new laser and photodynamic treatment methods for various serious metabolic and immunological diseases such as cancer, ischemic heart disease, diabetes, atherosclerosis and purulent wound healing.

The Medical Radiological Research Center is well equipped with diagnostic equipment including MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), CT (computer tomography), PET (positron emission tomography), ultrasound and a large array of blood tests.

For evaluation of suitability and possible efficacy of treatmet method please contact us at info@emred.fi


EMRED Oy is participating in research to study healing effects of light, including activation of regeneration and reparation of tissues after phototherapy due to influence of light on stem cells.