LED and Laser Cluster Probes

The treatment possibilities of ELAPS and EMRED Light therapy systems are enhanced significantly by the application of laser and LED cluster probes.

Cluster probes allow irradiating relatively large areas of skin at once and deliver higher dosages of light energy. It is possible to operate cluster probes simultaneously with the electro-light acupuncture therapy. Application of two clusters at the same time (for example, irradiation of opposite sides of a joint) can also can shorten the therapy time and improve results. To achieve the best treatment results it is desirable to apply light of different colors (wavelengths) within the same or consecutive treatment sessions, because different wavelengths have different medical effects.

ELAPS-04 can be equipped with cluster probes emitting light of one of following wavelengths: 370, 395, 405, 440, 455, 458, 470, 505, 525, 589, 610, 625, 633, 635, 660, 670, 808, 850, 890, 980, 1200 nm.

Application of 3 mm LEDs of different types and producers make it possible to construct LED clusters of different brightness virtually of any color of the visible band, as well as near ultraviolet and near infrared region from 370 to 1200 nm. Bright 3 mm LED clusters are advantageous for the application in cases that require increased brightness (distant irradiation of large skin areas, distant treatment of wounds and ulcers etc.), and for development of customized LED cluster probes.

LED Cluster probe 610 nm LED Cluster probe 590 nm LED Cluster probe 458 nm LED Cluster probe 440 nm

There is a bigger variety of colors in 3 mm LEDs than in SMD LEDs on the market, but SMD LEDs are preferable when developing probes for contact modes of irradiation with low energy consumption.

LED Cluster probe 525 nm LED Cluster probe 470 nm Red/IR LED cluster probe

It has been shown, that simultaneous application of red and IR light enhances the effects of laser and LED therapy. Red/IR LED cluster probe for ELAPS irradiates light of 650 and 850 nm wavelengths. It allows influencing more superficial and deeper targets at the same time. Red/IR LED cluster probes are highly effective in the treatment of injuries, muscle pains, joint and vertebral problems.

The main types of LED and laser cluster probe layouts for ELAPS-04 are 14 LED, 15 LED, 60 LED and 14 laser versions. Irradiation area can be 12 or 60 square centimeters per cluster. All these allow the usage of a variety of the most competitive LEDs of different color, size and brightness. This makes it possible to customize the cluster probe brightness and technical characteristics to the requirements of end users.

LED cluster probes with adjustable brightness are available upon request.