Light-guides are used to deliver light from laser and LED probes of ELAPS and EMRED Light therapy systems to the required areas of therapy, including ear, nose and throat (ENT) organs, gums, blood and so on.

Light-guides for body and ear acupuncture can conduct light and electricity, which is required for electro-light acupuncture.

The body acupuncture points are located deeper in tissues and need more light energy for therapy, than ear acupuncture points. This is why the body acupuncture light-guides have higher light conduction than ear acupuncture light-guides.

Special light-guides are developed for performing vaginal irradiation for the treatment of some gynecological disorders. Other light-guides are used on irradiating the prostate gland.

Very thin (0.4 mm in diameter) single-use sterile light-guides for intravenous laser or LED light blood irradiation are also available. They can deliver laser or LED light directly into the vein.

Light-guide for ENT organs

Light-guide pen with attachable pieces Light-guide for urology and gynecology Long light-guide for IV blood irradiation
Light distribution from different light-guides

Light-guides which are designed for application with laser probes are slightly different from ones designed to work with LED probes. Light-guides for lasers are equipped with quartz fiber, while LED light-guides include plastic fiber.

All light-guides can be sterilized by alcohol or other medically used sterilizing liquids.